Trading activities for derivatives contracts listed at the Exchange are carried out by the TurkDex Exchange Operations System (TEOS).

Prices are determined on a “multiple price-continuous auction” method, utilizing a computerized system that automatically matches buy and sell orders on the price and time priority basis.

System infrastructure provides an online real-time connection with Istanbul Stock Exchange Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasbank) and makes possible to monitor all orders, transactions, margins and positions on account basis.

Orders can be sent to the TEOS either via the wide area network or by using the TurkDex Trading Room according to the methods defined by the Exchange. Various types of orders including limit, market, keep remainder and market contingent (stop loss) orders are supported by the trading system.

Orders are entered on account basis in the system. TEOS controls the adequacy of margin in trade moment by the online connection with Takasbank. Order entry is possible without necessary margin, however the trade is not executed and in the course of matching, the order is cancelled if there is not sufficient collateral.