Trading System

Turkdex Information Technology system is composed of two sub-systems. One is the Turkdex Exchange Operations System (TEOS) and the other is the Turkdex Office Systems (TOFS).

TurkDEX Exchange Operations System (TEOS)

You will find below a brief explanation of our prospective software. The advanced and detailed features of TEOS will be subsequently released both in training materials and our official web pages.

TEOS is a fully computerized trading platform on which all trading activities performed. TEOS is basically composed of an electronic order matching system and remotely accessible network.

The primary sub-systems of TEOS are below:

  1. Electronic trading and matching system
  2. Market reporting, querying and monitoring system
  3. Margin verification and risk calculation system
  4. Information dissemination system
  5. Security and exchange administration system

The basic technical features of TEOS can be explained as follows:

  • Matching: All orders entered by members are collected in an electronic order book and matched according to the rules and parameters defined by exchange administration modules. Exchange members will be able to both enter orders and monitor their positions by means of their trading client software.
  • Access to TurkDEX: TEOS-NET is the Wide Area Network consisting of permanent data lines and network systems among Turkdex, its members, and other relevant institutions. Turkdex will provide their members with the facility of accessing the exchange via remote data lines. Turkdex will also provide its members with trading client software. Moreover, a trading room will be supplied in Turkdex headquarters for those who would like to be present in a Local Area Network trading environment.
  • Hardware Architecture: TEOS is constructed on three tier hardware architecture. First tear is the server level where all back-end trading processes are performed. Second is the communication level where all network packets are routed among other levels and some queries are answered. The third one is the client level. Third level accommodates member trading clients in their offices. First and second tiers are originally located in Turkdex Datacenter. In some cases, second level may be duplicated in client offices to decrease communication load between a member and Turkdex.
  • Database: Turkdex will employ a relational database management system (DBMS). All critical information and data will be stored in the database system.
  • Fault Tolerance: TEOS is an entirely fault tolerant system. All critical appliances are duplicated in case of an emergency, fault or disaster possibility. Operational datacenter is also mirrored in a different physical location. Highly available UNIX based servers are utilized in back-end to ensure uninterrupted activity.
  • Client Interface: Client interface is a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Client GUI is easy to use and swift.

TurkDEX Office Systems (TOFS)

TOFS is designed to provide Turkdex staff and members with the capability of utilizing ultimate office information technologies to enhance total quality, productivity and efficiency. TOFS is fundamentally composed of office automation and data processing systems.

The primary sub-systems of TOFS are below:

  1. E-mail and Collaboration System
  2. Web and FTP Services
  3. Form based electronic workflow system
  4. Electronic achieving system
  5. Accounting and office administration system
  6. Office automation system
  7. IT Security, data protection, backup and computer administration systems