Market Surveillance

The surveillance function at TurkDEX had been executed by the Market Operations, Clearing and Surveillance Department until June 24, 2008. In order to facilitate a more effective market monitoring, a separate Surveillance Department was established in accordance with the decision of the Board as of June 24, 2008. The Surveillance Department is responsible for maintaining a transparent, fair and orderly conduct and execution of exchange transactions and detecting activities stated in the article 47/A of the Capital Markets Law No: 2499.

  • Making use of insider information concerning the contracts traded at TurkDEX to gain an advantage or to profit
  • Artificially raising, depressing or stabilizing the price of a contract traded at the Exchange
  • Artificially affecting the supply of or demand for the contract traded on the Exchange
  • Creating misleading appearance of active trading
  • Dissemination of false or misleading information concerning the contracts traded at the Exchange

V-OBserver, the surveillance system of the Exchange which has been in use since January 2009, is designed and developed by TurkDEX mainly for detecting the activities mentioned above. In order to provide effective real-time surveillance, the system, integrated with a CEP (Complex Event Processing) engine, analyzes the market data according to the parameters representing market normality and issues alerts automatically for suspicious abnormal situations. For the transparent, fair and orderly conduct and execution of exchange transactions, precautions are taken in cooperation with the Exchange members, and identified illegal activities are reported to The Capital Markets Board.

Important Points to be Considered by Investors