Our Mission

Upon the amendment made in the Capital Market Law no. 2499 in accordance with Capital Market Law no. 4487, the regulatory framework has made it possible to establish a derivatives exchange in Turkey. Such legal framework permits Turkdex to design and develop markets where derivative contracts of assets, liabilities and indicators are traded in a competitive and secure environment.

One of our main objectives is to develop and provide financial instruments that would help individuals and institutions to manage their risks effectively against abrupt price swings of volatile business environment. With this objective in mind, we launched several projects to form the basic infrastructure of Turkdex.

Turkdex has strategic and economic responsibilities in terms of establishing an efficient and successful risk management platform to meet the needs of investors and to maintain a robust economic system. With these responsibilities in mind, Turkdex is separated from other profit-seeking organizations.

The priorities of Turkdex are as follows: protection of investors, transparency in executions, optimal response to market demands, integration with international markets and compliance with global standards.

We are aiming to develop a dynamic and efficient futures and options market that is compatible with our current money and capital markets. With this intention we are now focusing on both offering new incentives to attract investors and developing new contracts. We believe that Turkdex will take place among internationally recognized derivatives exchanges in a short time.